anatomy for students and junior doctors

anatomy for students and junior doctors

كتاب pdf مخصص لطلاب الطب. يعرض بشكل جيد مبنى
الجسم (Anatomy) والتشريح الوظيفي للجسم.

الكتاب ومؤلفة له شهرة عالمية وقد بيع بمئات الآلاف
من النسخ. وترجم إلى العديد من

اللغات. وهذا الأصدار ال 11. الكتاب مدعوم بصور

علمي ومتخصص

Blackwell Publishing
ISBN 1405138041
11 ed. (Oct 2006)
PDF | 15 Mb
476 pages

Clinical Anatomy has
remained the word of the same author for

nearly half a century. Initially
written for clinical medical students on

the wards, clinics and revising for
Finals, since then it has sold all

over the world in hundreds of thousands and in
several languages.

Its success has been its constant revision to
ensure it covers the

student’s needs.

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