Martindal 35 CD : The complete drug reference

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Martindal 35 CD : The complete drug reference

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Martindal 35 CD : The complete drug reference
وهذه اسطوانه يعرف قيمتها اللي بيتعاملوا في مجال الادويه سواء دكاترة او صيادله..

هي عبارة عن برنامج لاشهر الكتب في مجال الادويه واللي فيه جميع انواع الادويه العالميه

بجميع البلدان مع شرح للماده الفعاله وتاثيرها وجرعتها واثارها السلبيه مع إظهار البدائل

المعروفه حول العالم..

Martindale: The complete drug reference has been a trusted source for
medicines information for over 120 years. With its worldwide coverage
and unbiased, reliable and evaluated information on drugs and
medicines, Martindale forms the backbone of MedicinesComplete.

Encyclopaedic facts about drugs and medicines

Over 6,000 drug monographs including more than 200 herbal medicines

124,000 preparations

32,000 references

12,000 manufacturers

Synopses of treatments for more than 660 diseases

Covers not only drugs and medicines used throughout the world but also
herbal and complementary medicines, veterinary drugs, contrast media,
diagnostic agents, radiopharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical excipients,
poisons, essential oils, and many more

Martindale combines sections of evaluated text summarising relevant
information for both licensed and unlicensed uses with referenced
abstracts or reviews that expand upon the details given in the text or
add additional information, if appropriate. The Martindale editorial
team uses extensive literature surveillance and modern information
retrieval techniques to review existing text and identify new areas of
interest for inclusion. Given the increasing importance of
evidence-based medicine, particular care is taken to identify, and
where possible include as references, systematic reviews and
********************-analyses or evidence-based guidelines.

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Password: AboJim

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