The Human 3D CD

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The Human 3D CD

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Platform: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000

* The ultimate multimedia encyclopedia
* Simple and efficient navigation
* Brilliant 3D animations and large-format videos
* X-ray viewer
* Fully detailed illustrations

Manufacturer's Description

The Ultimate multimedia encyclopedia - Discover and learn a wealth of authoritative information about the human body through spectacular multmedia content.
* Simple and efficient navigation * Extra: X-ray viewer * Brilliant 3D animations and large-format videos * Fully detailed illustrations * The ultimate Multimedia-Encyclopedia. Did you ever wonder how your eyes work or how your body functions? What makes your respiratory and circulatory systems work? "The Human 3D", a new release, demonstrates the intricate workings of the human body during a hands-on, cutting-edge multimedia tour. Enjoy more fascinating 3D animations than with any other CD-ROM covering the human body. Audio explanations enhance the visual images and support the learning process with correct pronunciations of difficult terms. Learn everything about the human body through fun and exciting demonstrations


Platform: PC
Processor: Pentium 166mhz
Min OS: Windows 95/98
OS: Windows 95/98/2000
Minimum RAM: 12 Mb
Recommended RAM: 32 Mb
Hard Disk Required: 45 Mb
CD speed: 8
Graphic card: 800x600 16bit-colour
Sound card: Required

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PASSWORD: homosapien

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