Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry

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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry
By David A. Mitchell,&nbspLaura Mitchell,&nbspPaul Brunton

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Number Of Pages: 828
Publication Date: 2005-01-13
Sales Rank: 127893
ISBN / ASIN: 0198529201
EAN: 9780198529200

The new edition of this essential pocket guide covers the whole of
clinical dentistry in a concise format. The authors have distilled the
key elements of clinical practice into a readily accessible book, with
blank pages provided for readers to add their own notes. This edition
has been completely updated with a wealth of new information.
1. History and examination 2. Preventive and community dentistry 3.
Paediatric dentistry 4. Orthodontics 5. Periodontology 6. Restorative
dentistry 7. Prosthetics and gerodontology 8. Oral surgery 9. Oral
medicine 10. Maxillofacial surgery 11. Medicine relevant to dentistry
12. Therapeutics 13. Analgesia, anaesthesia, and sedation 14. Dental
materials 15. Law and ethics 16. Practice management 17. Syndromes of
the head and neck 18. Useful information and addresses

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