Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

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Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry

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Clinical Problem Solving in Dentistry
By : Edward W. Odell

This book is designed to explain to dental students the processes of
diagnosis and treatment planning, through consideration of clinical
cases and problems associated with aspects of all dental specialties.
It presents a series of case histories from all the major areas of
dentistry, and uses a question-and-answer format to guide readers
through the process of examination, differential diagnosis,
investigations, diagnosis and treatment. It prepares readers for the
wide variety of problems likely to be encountered in clinical practice.
56 cases in clinical dentistry are presented in a practical,
problem-based approach, leading the reader toward the correct diagnosis
and treatment plan. Treatment alternatives are explored and evaluated
in terms of their advantages and disadvantages. Material from all the
dental specialties is integrated in the cases presented, in order to
cover the full range of real-world clinical problems. Color
illustrations throughout bring the cases to life and clarify important
concepts. All cases from the first edition have been updated, and 13
new cases have been added to this edition. Additional information is
provided on behavioral management of nervous or difficult patients.
More content on pediatric dentistry has been added. clincal_problem_solving.rar



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