the Public Financing Of Pharmaceuticals: An Economic Approach

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the Public Financing Of Pharmaceuticals: An Economic Approach

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the Public Financing Of Pharmaceuticals: An Economic Approach

The Public Financing Of Pharmaceuticals: An Economic Approach


Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

Number Of Pages: 255

Publication Date: 2005-04-05

Sales Rank: 2139278

ISBN / ASIN: 1845420888

EAN: 9781845420888

Binding: Hardcover

Manufacturer: Edward Elgar Publishing

Studio: Edward Elgar Publishing

Average Rating: 0

Total Reviews: 0

Book Description:

This book provides a complete approach to the economics of financing
medicines and policy implications for the efficiency and equity of
health systems. In all health systems with majority public financing,
pharmaceutical reimbursement is one of the key factors in policies of
change and transformation of health services in order to face the
future with guarantees of financial sustainability.

The initial chapters seek to answer questions about the efficiency with
which the public sector intervenes in the pharmaceutical industry: Is
the present system of drug patents efficient and fair? What would be
the best way to control drug prices? Is it possible to encourage
competition in this market for the patient's benefit? The remainder of
the book provides evidence on the impact of instruments and policies
aimed at rationalizing and controlling pharmaceutical expenditure: What
can we expect from the application of reference pricing systems? When,
how and where should the user be made to share the cost of medicines?
What economic and non-economic incentives should be applied to drug

Jaume Puig-Junoy has performed an invaluable task in creating a
cohesive, and analytically rigorous book of specially commissioned
chapters on this pertinent topic.

The Public Financing of Pharmaceuticals will appeal to academics and
researchers involved in public finance, health policy, health
economics, industrial organization and the pharmaceutical markets in
Europe and in the US, where there is increasing public interest in drug
coverage. The book is also intended for a wide variety of professionals
in the health industries and policymakers. 93.rar

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