Drug Facts And Comparisons 2007

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Drug Facts And Comparisons 2007

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Drug Facts And Comparisons 2007

ISBN: 1574392565|Title: Drug Facts And Comparisons 2007 (Drug Facts and Comparisons)|
|Author: Facts And Comparisons |Publisher: Facts and Comparisons|Publication Date: 2006-10-10
|Number Of Pages: 3120|
|PDB| 1,8 mb

Drug Facts and Comparisons 2007 has been the premier source of unbiased
drug information for more than 60 years, its abridged monographs
include the information you most often need "on the move" making this
book an ideal compact reference for rounds and use in the clinic.


New drugs
Additional monographs
Five updated group monographs
Up-to-date information on more than 600 generic drugs, with 2,000+ representative trade names
Organization by 12 therapeutic divisions, for easy identification and comparison of similar agents
Indications and Administration and Dosage sections at the beginning of the monographs
Drugs most likely to require quick, on-the-spot confirmation of dosing
recommendations, warnings, interactions, and adverse reactions
Abbreviated monographs that provide just the information needed at the pont-of-care
Charts and tables that facilitate quick comparisons of drugs, classes, and doseforms

Nutrients and Nutritional Agents
Hematological Agents
Endocrine and Metabolic Agents
Cardiovascular Agents
Renal and Genitourinary Agents
Respiratory Agents
Central Nervous System Agents
Gastrointestinal Agents
Systemic Anti-Infective Agents
Biologic and Immunologic Agents
Dermatological Agents
Ophthalmic and Otic Agents


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