Pharmaceutical marketing

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Pharmaceutical marketing

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Pharmaceutical marketing


Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
Number Of Pages: 92
Publication Date: 2005-11-11
Sales Rank: 989722
ISBN / ASIN: 1845448553
EAN: 9781845448554
Binding: Paperback
Manufacturer: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
Studio: Emerald Group Publishing Ltd
Average Rating:
Total Reviews:

Book Description:
The purpose of this title is to address some of the complex and
controversial issues posed by pharmaceutical marketing. Specifically,
articles in this work will address the impact of direct-to-consumer
advertising of drugs, the marketing of drugs over the Internet,
pharmaceutical companies' marketing policies, and the marketing of
herbal products, which are not regulated by the United States Food and
Drug Administration (FDA). Hopefully, it will provide many new insights
into the benefits and pitfalls of pharmaceutical marketing. Originally
published as Journal of Consumer Marketing (2005, Vol.22, No.7) pharmaceutical_marketing_2.pdf

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